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The Pool House

Dogs swimming

Why a dog pool?

Owning 4 giant breed dogs is both wonderful and challenging! Having a pool in my backyard was wonderful. My dogs could swim anytime they wanted during the summer. Sadly, summer is short and the pool would be closed. Finding a healthy outlet for their energy could be very trying! We decided to take the pastime our dogs love and make it available all year round to everyone. A clean, safe, friendly place that is designed for dogs. No more long trips to a dog friendly beach, only to come home with a stinky sandy mess in the car and on the dog. Swimming is the perfect exercise for dogs eliminating the stress on their joints and the hazards on the streets.

(Please print the file below and sign our Rules and Registration and bring in for your initial visit.)

Why Swimming?


Exercise, therapy and just plain fun! These are the top 3 reasons to bring your dog to Bubble Puppy House. Open all year round and in any weather, your pup can get the exercise and socialization he needs any time you want!

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