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Grooming at Bubble Puppy

Dog Grooming Tools

Bubble Puppy Grooming  opened in February of 2013. With a completely open concept we offer our clients a salon that allows you to see everything happening while pets are being groomed. No more wondering whats happening to your pet behind closed doors. We have put together a team of the some of the most dedicated and talented groomers around. We pride ourselves on always choosing humanity over vanity in our work.  

Bubble Puppy staff prides itself on continuing their education to stay current with trends and to learn the most effective way to deal with the different challenges we may face each day.  From tiny chihuahuas to the largest Newfoundlands, Bubble Puppy staff treats each and every client as they would their own personal pet.  We develop caring relationships with our furry clients which allows us to know their quirks and to work with each one as an individual.  ​

For those of you seeking a different look, talk to one of our creative grooming specialists. They are certified in offering pet safe hair color, feather extensions, temporary stencil tattoos, nail polish and gemstones. If you like the WOW factor, you'll love creative grooming!

We are open 5 days a week for your convenience. Tuesday through Saturday from 9am to 6pm.  Call (734) 307-3773 for an appointment with a professional groomer.

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