Open Group Swim Sessions

Tues, Thurs, Fri


Sat and Sun 11am-1pm

Cost: $20 per dog

Private Sessions

$40 for half an hour

$70 for a full hour

(includes up to 4 dogs)

* add $5 for each additional dog

*add $10 for private instructor in the pool


Therapy Swim Sessions

$12 for 15 minutes

One-on-one sessions

designed to help older, arthritic and post surgical pets regain muscle strength without stress on the joints.

Open Group Package Pricing

10 open swims = $120

Unlimited open swims = $100 monthly

Private Session Package Pricing

10-half hour sessions = $300

10-full hour sessions = $550

Full Pool Rental Pricing

Available for birthday parties, breed-specific parties, group get-togethers, etc.

One hour rental = $75 for up to 5 dogs

(additional dogs are $5 each)

Shower stalls are available for rinsing and drying your dog after your session.  People are only allowed to enter the pool during private sessions.